Watch for yellow flames or soot build-up. When appliances are operating properly, propane burns with a blue flame. If you see yellow flames, or notice significant amounts of soot on any equipment, the gas may not be burning completely. This can create carbon monoxide.
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Services - Safety Checks
What should be checked?
  • Smell for propane odor.
  • Check cylinders and tanks for exterior rust, dents, and date.
  • Check connections.
  • Check the liquid level gauge on the tank or cylinder if so equipped.
  • Refill per propane dealer guidelines.
  • Ensure the appliances are properly vented.
  • Check appliances for rusty or water-damaged gas control valves.
  • After a gas-out, check that shut-off valves on the cylinder or tank are turned off.
  • When closing up the house for an extended period of time, check that the propane system has been shut off at the tank or cylinder and check that the appliances are shut off.

Please contact Valley Center Propane to assist you with any questions or help you may need. It is especially important to have a propane dealer relight the pilots after a gas-out situation. Lighting pilots is an extremely dangerous task for someone who is not trained to work with propane systems. National fire statistics show that many propane flash fires are associated with attempts to either relight or repair gas appliances. Do not decide to light pilots without considering the dangerous risks that you would be assuming without having received the appropriate training.


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