Do not under any circumstances try to modify or repair valves, regulators, connectors, controls, or other appliance and cylinder/tank parts. Doing so creates the risk of a gas leak.
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Tanks - Installation
Propane tank installation is something that is to be performed by licensed propane companies only. Attempting to install your own propane tank is not advisable under any circumstance. Nor is it legal.

The beginning of the installation process will be our propane service crew arriving with the propane tank. We will use a crane to lift and place the tank on its concrete pad or blocks. After the tank has been set and leveled, the installer will run the LP Gas yard line hooking each end to the gas plumbing stub out and propane tank regulator.

Our delivery driver will arrive during or after the installation and fill the tank with propane. We usually bring the new tank with a certain amount of propane already in the tank until the full fill. Following the test and safety inspection, the installer will light any pilot lights, check appliances for proper operation and review the installation with you.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the tank installation, service arrangements or delivery schedules.


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